Orchestra consists of four string instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.  Click on the videos below to see each instrument in action, as well as learn why playing a musical instrument is good for your brain! 

Q&A for new students is at the bottom

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Most Common Q&A

Can I rent an instrument from the school?  The only instrument students CANNOT rent are violins.   Rental is $150 for the year, and there is no refund or discount if a student drops out or starts halfway.

Can I take home the instrument I'm renting? Absolutely!  Students are required to practice a certain amount of minutes each week, so making a practice schedule (just like math homework) so you don't have to take home your instrument every day is ideal.

Where can I purchase/ rent an instrument besides the school?  Here is a link to my equipment page.  I would highly recommend participating in a rent-to-own program.

What is the price to rent an instrument from a music store?  Prices range from approx. $20-$70 a month, depending on the brand, size, and quality of the instrument.

Can I just purchase an instrument online, like through ebay?  Be very careful when purchasing online.  If an instrument is cheap, it is NOT a good deal.  Instruments are meant to be handmade so everything fits together for the best quality sound.  If the price is only a few hundred or less this is not a good sign.  More than likely it is factory made and will cost more to fix in the long run.   For example, cheap instruments tend to have pegs that don't fit correctly, or the bridge isn't the right height, etc.

Which Instrument is the hardest to learn?  Each instrument is different and unique in it's own way, so there is not necessarily one that is easier or harder. 

Is there an instrument better for certain body types?  Follow your heart when choosing the instrument you would like to play.  Students with longer and larger fingers tend to do better on the cello or bass than students with shorter and skinnier fingers.  However, there are professionals of all body types for each instrument, so don't let body size stop you from playing the instrument of your choice!

What other equipment will I need for Orchestra Class?  Beginners will use String Explorer Bk 1, and each student will need to purchase his/her own.  Violins and Violas need to purchase a shoulder rest (check the size), and cellos and basses will need to purchase a rock stop.