Orchestra Forms

Listen...Adjudicate...Write (L.A.W.)

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Students must attend a concert and type a L.A.W. report once a semester.  The reports will be included in the final grade for Term 2 and Term 4. 

Click here to be sent to the "Now Playing in Nebo" Calendar for some concert options.  You are not limited to just our district.  Check out other school districts, and UVU and BYU calendars too!

Two non-string related performances may count towards one L.A.W.  report.  For example, if a student attends a choir concert and a ballet with a live pit orchestra, this can take the place of one orchestra concert.

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All students who will miss a concert, or who have missed a concert will need to submit this appeal in order to even start the Make-Up process.

Performance Make-Up Appeal